「Fidget Cube」12面 フィジェットキューブ ストレス解消キューブ

Introducing a new sensation x free time crushing goods divergence cube that adults and children can enjoy!

The cute 12-sided dice-like cube is a desk toy aimed at relieving stress ♪

Have you ever had a suspicious look around you when you were unconsciously shaking your poverty, knocking on a ballpoint pen, spinning a pen, etc. when you were free or frustrated?

With this cube, you can secretly relieve stress while working or studying without disturbing others ♪

Like dice, there are various devices on each of the 12 sides, and you can play by pressing buttons and switches.

「Fidget Cube」12面 フィジェットキューブ ストレス解消キューブ

1. Gear
You can push it back and forth to make a refreshing sound.

2. Circular dial
It can be rotated 360 degrees on a flat surface.

3. Game button
A refreshing crook sound like pressing a button on a gamepad control

4. Silicon ball
Pushing and playing with soft silicone balls will make you feel better.

「Fidget Cube」12面 フィジェットキューブ ストレス解消キューブ

5. ON / OFF switch
The click sound is pleasant, the changeover switch

6. Rotating lever
It can be rotated 360 degrees. When you're thinking about something, it's fun to spin around!

7. Silicon robe
You don't have to worry about losing it when you hang it on your key chain.

8. Silicon button
For those who like to push ballpoint pens!

「Fidget Cube」12面 フィジェットキューブ ストレス解消キューブ

9. Silicon grains
It has the effect of finger massage, which makes you feel comfortable.

10. Dreamy finger rest
It is called a mourning stone, and you can touch it with your fingers or calm your mind.

11. Adjuster
Can be pushed back and forth.

12. Silicon ball
When you're frustrated and stressed, adjust with this!

「Fidget Cube」12面 フィジェットキューブ ストレス解消キューブ